OCN Weed®

We transform seaweed from the ocean into fabric you can wear.

OCN Weed® contains innovative seaweed fibers that help secure the future by saving water - unlike conventional cotton, which requires extreme amounts of water when produced.

The Material of the Future

Conventional cotton is one of the most used fibers in textiles, but also the one that requires the most fresh water. 26 million tons of cotton are harvested annually globally !

In an attempt to find an alternative material that is water-saving and thus more future-proof, we have developed an innovative textile fabrics, which we call OCN WEED®.

We harvest seaweed from Iceland

Our OCN WEED® fabric is among other things, created with an innovative seaweed fiber. We harvest our seaweed from Iceland. Here we have set strict requirements to take care of nature, and therefore the various areas are only harvested every four years, to ensure full regeneration between harvests and that the ecological value is preserved.

The amazing thing about seaweed is that it is a natural and regenerating resource that is already growing in abundance in the sea, which means it doesn't need any other water - other than the one it's already in.