Allies of the sea!

We turn waste into value. Guided by the belief that production and consumption should not come at the expense of the ocean, we take action to regenerate our oceans.

Our love and care for the Ocean are the drivers of everything we do. We work to stop the exploitation, depletion, and mistreatment of our oceans, and instead, we explore and develop innovative ways to give back, restore and protect our oceans. Inspired by the creation and regenerative processes of the ocean, we transform waste into value and explore and develop innovative ways to give back, restore and regenerate our oceans.

An active role

We play an active part in cleaning our oceans. We aim to do better today than yesterday, not merely to reduce past damage.

We create products, collabs & initiatives that spread awareness and inspire more brands & humans to protect and stay smart with the ocean's resources - 365 days a year!

We know there are many paths toward ensuring healthy oceans, and we are acutely aware that it will take all of us to regenerate its health. Therefore we build relations & collaborate with brands, organisations, and NGOs.

We work to understand the complexity of the challenges we face, co-creating the necessary waves -for measurable impact.

Conversation starters

Our products, collabs & initiatives are reminders to all of us that the ocean matter! They are conversation-starters to show, educate and inspire more humans and brands to see the value and potential available if we unite in allyship to preserve and protect our oceans and ecosystems. 

All our products are made in innovative materials from recycled industrial, post-consumer & Ocean waste - produced to give back and restore the Ocean.