Our values

We aim to inspire people and brands to take action

We stand up for our values. They are the North Star in every decision we make, in our daily work and in our long term strategy. Everything we do, we do out of our love for the ocean. This also applies to the way we run Copenhagen Cartel as a responsible and honest company.

Copenhagen Cartel

We do

Copenhagen Cartel always asks questions. We are driven by an unquenchable thirst to understand, and it constantly drives us to dig deeper and take action so we can be the change we want to see in the world.

We Care

Copenhagen Cartel's products are design, quality, responsibility and perfect fit in one - and our consumers have no reason to compromise or settle for less. We always strive to set the bar higher. The supporting element in all parts of the production process is our ambition to ease the pressure on the climate from our current production and consumption patterns, and our desire to save on the planet's precious resources.

We Impact

We do not believe that the final solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow have been invented yet. That is why we challenge existing patterns and always ask; "What if." We refuse to settle for the obvious. We don't just want to inspire our colleagues, consumers and community to imagine a better world, we show the way and how we get there.

We Boost

Copenhagen Cartel projects light and hope into the world by focusing on solutions and not just problems. It's cool to fight to make a difference. Beach clean ups are fun. Sustainability is easy.

For every purchase, we make sure you look great and do good for the oceans