Algae ribbed OCN Weed® leggings

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  • Blends 65% organic cotton, 5% elastane and 30% SeaCell™
  • Ribbed material for perfect fit (feels like a hug)
  • Stretchy and breathable 
  • Versatile design  


Meet our Algae ribbed OCN Weed® leggings – your legs' new BFFs that are all about comfort, support, and nature. With their ribbed texture, they'll give you a cozy hug and a flattering fit. Created from  65% organic cotton, 5% elastane with 30% SeaCell™, these leggings are not only comfy but also high-five worthy for being a symphony of natures materials. Whether it's a chilly day out or a yoga session, they've got your back, keeping you comfy and confident.

Wear them as your outer layer together with our Coast quilted vest or rock them as a base layer – these leggings are versatile champs. And don't worry, they're squat-proof, so you can move freely without any peekaboo moments.

The SeaCell™ fibres adds a touch of aquatic magic, it’s a natural cellulose fiber extracted from seaweed and wood pulp from sustainable forestry. The SeaCell™ fibres are mixed with organic cotton for exceptional softness and a luxurious embrace.

Materials & Care

30% SeaCell™
65% organic cotton
5% Elastane

OCN WEED® is Copenhagen Cartel's own patented product by the meter, which consists of 30 percent SeaCell™ and 70 percent organic cotton. In our rib styles we've added 5% elastane for stretch and fit

We have set strict requirements to ensure that we take care of nature in our production. The seaweed that SeaCell™ contains is harvested from Iceland and the different areas are only harvested every four years. This is done to ensure full regeneration between harvests and to preserve the ecological value. The great thing about seaweed is that it is a natural and regenerative resource that is already growing in abundance in the ocean. The seaweed doesn't actually need anything other than the water it's already in.

We recommend that you wash your OCN WEED® product at 30 degrees. It helps your style last longer, and is also kinder to the planet. We advise against cleaning, tumble drying or ironing your OCN WEED® product.