1% for the Planet

Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

At Copenhagen Cartel, giving back isn't just a value; it's part of our foundation. We proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with 1% For The Planet, dedicating 1% of our annual earnings to support meticulously chosen environmental causes.

We firmly believe that as a company, it's our responsibility not just to take from the world but also to give something back. No matter how conscientiously we run our business and craft our products, we recognize that we will always leave an imprint on the environment.

That's where our membership in 1% For The Planet comes into play. We pledge to donate a minimum of 1% of our revenue to environmental protection, a commitment that defines our values and reflects our duty to wield our business as a catalyst for positive transformation.

As a customer at Copenhagen Cartel, you're not merely making a purchase; you're becoming a part of a movement with a profound purpose. Our affiliation with 1% for the Planet ensures that every time you choose our products, you're contributing to a positive impact on crucial environmental causes.

The inception of 1% For The Planet dates back to 2002, a brainchild of visionaries like Yvon Chouinard, the mastermind behind Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, the founder of Blue Ribbon Flies. They made the commitment to annually allocate 1% of their companies' gross sales to conservation projects and extended this opportunity to fellow businesses.

Their vision was simple yet transformative – to forge a network where companies of all sizes and revenues could unite in giving back to the planet that sustains us all.

To empower businesses to fulfill their giving potential, 1% For The Planet offers invaluable guidance and assists in identifying trustworthy nonprofit organizations to support. The commitment to this noble cause is taken seriously, with 1% For The Planet meticulously certifying all donations annually to ensure that every business fulfills its obligations. There's a nominal fee for each company to be part of this influential network, in addition to the 1% of revenue they commit to donating for environmental protection.