Rodinia Capsule

Inspired by the Elements — 5 STYLES OF PENIDA

Limited edition — only 50 available

Local Production

Waterless printing with non-toxic and natural colors on high-quality recycled nylon fabric, right here in Copenhagen.

2-in-1 Reversible

Wear it how you want, nature inspired print on one side, solid on the other

With this collection we aim to create beautiful, versatile and long-lasting swimwear using innovative methods and multifunctional designs that extend the product lifespan.

Rodinia Generation was created with one goal: to eliminate overproduction in the fashion industry. Driving that transformation, the first micro-factory was set up in Copenhagen in 2021.

The Rodinia Micro-factory has a body of carefully selected state-of-the-art machinery, and a Rodinia AI powered software brain. It learns, and adapts to changing production demands, and continuously works to reduce waste and increase speed.